Going Deeper
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A podcast that explores the culture, practices, and people of Riverlife Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia. Go behind the scenes with staff and key people, exploring the issues and ideas that unite us together as a family, embracing the Father's presence, releasing empowered people to declare and demonstrate Christ's kingdom.

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    Serving in Family: Emily Ellis

    In this episode Jo and Scott interview pastor Emily Ellis, Riverlife Baptists Church's children's pastor.

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    Revival History Part 9: Revival Conclusion

    Scott and Jo wrap up our series on Revival History by examining some of the principles of revival that can be observed across 2,000 years of church history.

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    Thanking God for 2018

    2018, WHAT A YEAR! In this episode we hear from Pastor John as he highlights some of his favourite moments and testimonies from 2018 at Riverlife.

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